Investment Portfolios

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Investment Portfolios


Investment Solutions with CTMA Wealth Management

Our customized portfolio options are based on our due diligence process using a variety of research resources to develop risk adjusted allocations.

These personalized portfolios take into consideration your long term goals and risk tolerance; including needs for income, growth objectives and overall financial security.

We offer four unique portfolio types:

Conservative/Income: preserve the portfolio value by investing in lower total volatility investments and/or seeking to generate interest and dividends with limited expectation of long-term capital appreciation. This portfolio seeks to avoid extreme volatility and the risk of a significant loss of principal.

Balanced: seeks both income and capital appreciation. The portfolio is diversified amongst many asset classes. It is designed to have more volatility and risk than the income portfolios, but less than the aggressive or growth portfolios.

Growth: seeks appreciation in the value of the portfolio. Both the value of individual investments and the overall portfolio will fluctuate over time. Certain investments may generate income, but it is not the primary objective,

Aggressive: seeks to leverage long term gains in markets and portfolio positions, which can be subject to greater amounts of volatility and risk.

However, no one portfolio is right for everyone, therefore your custom needs may blend aspects of each of the portfolio models. Let us help you “see clearly” as you “say yes to your financial future.”